A Day Out Body Zorbing

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I really love the outdoors. I love hanging out in the sun, I love working in nature, I love feeling the gross on my feet in the sky above my head.

That’s the main reason for always trying to choose to do something outdoors when I get the chance to meet with my friends. So, this Saturday when we all decided it was my turn to choose the place to go to for the told my two friends Paul and Ron that we would be doing body zorbing.

They had no idea what body-zorbing is, so I had to explain it to them. I let them know that body zorbing is an activity that started from the simple zorbing, which meant getting inside the giant plastic inflatable ball and rolling on hills while in the ball. Somewhat along the lines of being like a human hamster in a big plastic ball. But body zorbing is different from this. In body zorbing, only the upper part of your body gets inside a big inflatable ball. The ball used in body zorbing is not as big as the one used in regular zorbing. This one is smaller and only covers her torso, so it’s around only one meter or maybe even less in diameter. It’s also inflatable and also made of transparent plastic. The ball used in body zorbing also has on the interior many nylon threads that keeps it together forming the air cushion that gets inflated.

Once inflated, you can go body zorbing. They seemed very interested to try it out themselves and so we went to this park where we could practice it. The first thing we did is get inside our body-zorbing balls and we decided to go racing on the track that they had there. They had the track with obstacles which had to jump over or roll under, or run around, all while inside your body zorb. Don’t think it’s easy, because body-zorbing is actually quite dynamic and challenging. It’s a real challenge to keep your body in balance while running around with his giant inflatable ball on your head.

It’s also very fun and hilarious because every time you bump into an obstacle or fall down to just tumble around aimlessly like a noob. And it’s also pretty hard to get back up on your feet because I have to admit the body zorb is inflated and quite big in diameter so it’s not easy to regain balance again.

Anyway next we did another body zorbing scenario. This time we did body zorbing bowling. We had some other people join since he needed more people dressed in body zorbs in order to pose as the bowling pins. So what we had to do was to gain speed and try to bump into the other is at full speed. The one that was bumping into the others was considered the bowling ball. The others were also dressed in their inflatable plastic balls and they stood together representing the bowling pins. The winner was the one that managed to trip down the most bowling pins in one charge. Paul has been on on our high school’s football team, so he had no difficulty in getting the prize since he was the most athletic fastest and she knew how to run and bump into the other body zorbs.

We had a lot of fun that day doing body zorbing. Both Paul and Ron said they had a great time trying out body-zorbing, and we all agreed would be back here next week with more of our friends so that we can all have fun together.

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